10 thoughts on “FANNIE MOORE

  1. What a hard life it was for our people back then. I can only imagine the torment and despair they must have felt! This was so insightful but heart breaking. I’m glad someone took the time to learn her story! I would love to read all the stories I can find like hers!

    • i would to its sad that but all they knew was life on the plantation and kids now days take a education for granted i would like to read more stories like hers to

  2. I need info on Fannie Moore who her father was and mother I’m a descendant of moored from North Carolina Saratoga Wilson county my great great grandpa Jackson Moore might of been her Fannie Moore father please searching for info on her thanks. Any info greatly appreciated

    • Ajay, in the narrative she said her father’s name was STEPHEN MOORE. She also mentioned that they lived on the Moore plantation in Moore, South Carolina.

      • Ajay – I am a descendent of Wilis Moore who’s mother was Fanny . Willis and Jackson were siblings. Jackson has a twin Sister ( Moses).
        Please visit the Willis and Ellen Moore FB web page

      • they often referred to the “heirarchy” slaves as family members aka “Granny”, the last name Moore was received by their master of the plantation Thomas Moore.

  3. As I read the words I realize the people that came before me were made to dislike themselves via horrific abuses.

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