3 thoughts on “PORTER SCALES

  1. Porter Scales is my gran-granddad. My granddad name is Armp Scales and my grandmother name is Lovie Scales.

  2. My name is Alice R Scales my Mother name Alice Scales. My Grandmother name is lovie Scales and my Grandfather name is Armp Scales. My great grandfather name is Porter H Scales and great grandmother name is Alice Qualloway Scales. I have 5 brothers and 4 sisters. My Daughter name is Asia Monica Scales. My son pass a way at the age 2 year old. His name is Andre L Scales. My Sisters and Brothers name Karen, Charlene, Diane Terry, Delta Terry Williams, Iris Terry, Anthony, Junior Lee Scales, Richard, Sherman Howard Webster, Michael Webster, Johnny P Terry, William H Terry ll, Leo Terry, Sampson P Terry, Albert L Terry and Alfred L Terry. My Father name is John Davis Terry.

  3. Correction : Sisters Karen,Charlene Scales. My mother Sisters and brothers name Magolen Scales, Leona Scales, Flossie Scales, Rosanna Scales Price, walter scales, Hardin Scales Sr.,Lois Scales Ratliff,

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