4 thoughts on “CHANA LITTLEJOHN

  1. This was an awesome find!!. I have been working on my family’s slavery roots which ties back to Joseph Blount Littlejohn of North Carolina for many years. Who should I follow up with to learn more. Thank you

  2. My names is Anjelica Littlejohn ; my family is based out of Lincolnton North Carolina .Not knowing much about my father’s family I wanted to learn more about my history myself. If anyone knows anything please share.

  3. My name is Kearney Littlejohn. My great grandfather was George Littlejohn who lived in Oxford, NC. He was married to Luella Palmer. I am trying to find any family of his in Oxford, NC or Granville county.

  4. This is a great narrative. I would like to find more of this type of writing . I too am a descendant of the Littlejohn slaves.

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