2 thoughts on “MILLIE MARKHAM

  1. This is so very interesting. This being directly from the source is what makes this literature so intriging. I have seen movies, read stories, been told partial stories etc. about slavery. I’ve had black history classes in school. Even watched shows like ROOTS & Queenie but this is different. I will be reading more. My children and their friends need to read them as well.

    • I had heard of these narratives before, having heard some of the recordings, but I was really captivated when I discovered this one as she’s my great-grandmother’s sister. The story is interesting, but factually inaccurate. Both of her parents were children of free African Americans. Not only was her father Squire not a slave, he was a slave owner himself having 24 slaves per the 1840 census – which was quite a shock to learn.

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