5 thoughts on “CLARA JONES (1)

  1. This is my grandmother I am thankful to hear her tell our story herself I wish their was a picture of her I also am blessed to have her daughters testimony eustace McGee jones hodges within these testimonies.

  2. Ms. Blair, There is *another* slave narrative for a “Clara Jones” beginning on page 31 of the part 2 of the Federal Writers Projects Slave Narratives for North Carolina. If you have a chance to read that one, you will see it matches up with Eustace Hodges recollections. Also, it was told to the same worker (Mary A. Hicks) who talked to Eustace Hodges.

    • Thanks. So much I also have located pages that weren’t added from my family I did have that article you spoke of and appreciate you caring being able to read and feel her words made me feel empowered.

  3. Thanks very much I have these pages within our family legacy pages I’ve given to my family as well as eustace hodges testimony she was one of the two children Clara had when she was sold to Rufus jones slave owner but being as she had a stroke eustace testimony helped me to know there were actually three of them sold with her I appreciate your attention and pray you find the love within these pages to know where your family was stolen from and to appreciate the fact that this is all we have left of our loved ones and how they made America great

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